The mission of alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority here at the University of Chicago is to provide a sisterhood among women while promoting leadership, scholarship and Asian awareness, particularly in the South Side of Chicago. Our sorority dedicates itself to promoting these values in our university and community.


As a sorority, we are first and foremost a sisterhood. We strive to be there for each other, through thick and thin. Despite the range of personalities that join this sorority, we learn to develop a mutual respect and understanding of each other and the sisterhood. Aside from hanging out normally, we hold regular sisterhood events to relax and get to know each other better.

We also maintain a strong alumni connection by hosting an annual alumni weekend and sending monthly newsletters. Because alumni span from Korea to Hawaii to nearby Wrigleyville, we try our best to maintain whatever level of contact possible. The sisterhood does not end when college does, and sisters will traverse both digital and physical space to keep in touch. Alumni have the option to remain active in the sisterhood by particiating in the National Board and National Alumni Board.

alpha Kappa Delta Phi also has a vast international network. We reach out to other sisters through internal events. In the fall, sisters within the region participate in the Midwest Sisterhood Rally (We hosted the event in Fall 2015). In the spring, we meet once again for Midwest Sisterhood Conference. Sisters also participate in the annual National Convention and Back-To-School-Retreat, which give us the opportunity to meet and connnect with sisters we normally wouldn't have the opportunity to meet.


As UChicago students and aKDPhi sisters, we strongly value scholarship on both an individual and group level. We have been awarded the Academic Excellence award in the past for the highest average GPA out of all 51 chapters.

We believe we each have the potential to be successful but understand college can be a trying time for some. If a sister is struggling academically, our academic chair will reach out to find what she needs to succeed, whether it be a sister who has taken the class before or a school resource. To the other sisters, she motivates and supports them in maintaining academic success. Many of our sisters are members of the "UChicago Careers In" programs, including UCIB, UCIPSS, and UCIA. Our sisters have gone on to successful post-graduate graduate schools, like Columbia Law School. They have also gone on to careers in various corporations, such as J. P. Morgan.


alpha Kappa Delta Phi urges our girls to explore their leadership capabilities and skills. Within the sorority, sisters are encouraged to try out several positions throughout her time as an active member and challenge herself. Because we participate in many events, both on-campus and within the aKDPhi network, there are many chances for each sister to spearhead at least one project or event. We then take the leadership skills we hone within the sorority to the greater campus and beyond, whether it be at work or through an RSO like Moneythink, Blue Chips, or UC Dancers.

Asian-American Awareness:

While we are an Asian interest sorority, our sisters do not come from a single ethnicity. Each sister strives to embrace her own unique background and understand the backgrounds of others. As an organization, we seek to educate the community about Asian-American issues. We are a founding member of the Multicultural Greek Council. Additionally, we interact with organizations such as Asian-American Intervarsity, the Chinese Undergraduate Student Association, and the Korean Student Organization in order to spread awareness in the larger community through service projects, forums, and fundraising.


alpha Kappa Delta Phi strongly believes in the importance of philanthropy. Our goal is to make a difference, however big or small, to as many people as possible. The main philanthropic focus for aKDPhi nationally is the fight against breast cancer; we have worked hard to raise awareness against this disease that affects 1/8 women in the U.S. through our participation in Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) events in the city of Chicago, hosting a variety of campus awarness events during the BCA month of October, and fundraising for our national partner, Avon Foundation for Women, throughout the year.

In the past, we have participated in the Avon Walk and the 10K Chicago Race for the Cure. We also host an annual Breast Cancer Information Session with speakers from the Center for Clinical Cancer Genetics and breast cancer survivors.

We are equally dedicated to serving the Hyde Park and South Side Chicago community; we partner with other organizations to help them with their specific causes. We make perennial trips to Bryn Mawr Community Church volunteer in their soup kitchen and food pantry. We have also previously joined CASA in helping both adults and children who are victims of domestic violence. Finally, we independently host canned food and clothing drives on campus throughout the year. Philanthropy is an important pillar of our sorority, and we continue to strive to set a positive example in our university and community.